A Guide To Our New Roasts (Feb 2024)

Mission House Roasters: New Roasts On The Shelf

Here at Mission House Roasters, we are dedicated to ensuring every roast we serve is up to standard. However, many factors contribute to the influx and output of the green coffee we receive and the types of roasts we have available. The season, the green supply, and the type of roasts and blends we are looking to create and serve are only just a few of the factors that contribute to our selection at hand. As we embark on a new year, we are looking to expand our options and develop new and special roasts and blends from a variety of origins. With each new type of coffee we receive there are great steps to take to test, sample, and discover the best way to serve. We are excited to share these new roasts with you!

Papua New Guinea: Bebes Washing Station

The first new roast we have to offer is from the country of Papua New Guinea in the Eastern Highlands region of the country. Carefully grown and processed by Sero Bebes, who has been running the green washing station since 2010, the plantation has been growing coffee cherries since the year 1968. This coffee is grown from an Arabica plant at an elevation of 1650 meters and the beans are processed via the washed method. 

After sampling, testing, and perfecting this roast, we have decided to roast it as a medium. With rich and flavorful notes of toffee, caramel, with an apple finish, the Bebes Washing Station is a worthwhile single origin to try. Smooth and rounded, this coffee is best served as a pour over, chemex, or a good old fashioned drip coffee. 

Papua New Guinea: Korgua Estate

Next up on our list of latest roasts we’ve added to our inventory is another addition from the country of Papua New Guinea. Also nestled into the Eastern Highlands region, the Korgua Estate is owned and run by a second generation coffee producer. Brian Leahy’s father explored the region in which Korgua Estate is located in the Waghi Valley in the 1930s, and Brian now has the privilege of carrying on the family tradition of growing coffee in the estate established by his father. Grown at an elevation of 1400 meters, the Korgua Estate greens are grown from an Arabica plant, and they are processed via the washed method. 

Through our sampling, we discovered the most enjoyable roast with the Korgua Estate greens is a dark roast. With strong notes of blackberry, cherry, dark chocolate, and butterscotch, the Korgua Estate Dark is a bold way to enjoy your daily cup of coffee. With its rich, tart, yet smooth finish, the Korgua Estate is a pleasant addition to the Mission House Roasters shelf. 

Costa Rica Tarrazu: Cerro Azul Microlot

Lastly on our list of new additions is the Costa Rica Tarrazu - Cerro Azul Microlot. Since it is from a Microlot, it is a limited supply green. However, we wish it wasn’t, and we bet you will, too! The Cerro Azul comes from the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica near San Isidro, and it is produced by a collaboration of 150 growers, who are dedicated to building better relationships between producers and the coffee pickers. This green is grown from an Arabica coffee plant at an elevation of 1650 to 1750 meters, and it is processed by the washed method. 

The Cerro Azul has been tested and sampled as a light roast. With a strong, flavorful, and smooth start and a full-bodied finish, the Cerro Azul has notes of honey, apple cider, and almonds. With a pleasant start and finish, you’ll definitely want to try this new roast before it's too late!

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