Welcome to Mission House Coffee

We’re happy you’re here. We got our start in 2018 with the opening of our first shop in the River Ridge Mall in Lynchburg, Virginia. Our mission is to serve our community and we do that through a variety of ways. 

First, we serve good coffee! We roast our beans at our downtown location and serve them at our (currently) three shops and you can find them at other shops around the city too. We also love to share our knowledge of coffee with whoever will listen. We do that through our blog where we will be posting about different coffee making methods. Eventually, we hope to host coffee classes in our shops some time in the future.

Second, in our shops we offer the option to pay it forward to anyone you choose. We have a pay-it-forward board where you can pay for a cup of coffee or a meal and then post a note for who you would like to serve. At any time you’ll see notes that say “a cup of coffee for a State Trooper” or “a meal for a caretaker” and if that note applies to you, you can take the note to the front and get your free meal or coffee.

Third, we partner with local non-profits. Every month we raise money for a different local non-profit by asking our customers if they would like to round up for our charity of the month. 

These are the ways that we’re excited to serve you and we hope to see you in one of our shops soon.

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